Despite IUSD being the lowest funded school district in Orange County and among the lowest in the state and nation, our school is able to help maintain education excellence by fundraising with the help of generous parents and the community.


3 Major Fundraisers

Pledge Drive - Back to School

To kick-off the start of each new year and help fund classroom instructional materials, technology, learning excursions, PE support, reading & library programs, science resources, and so much more, we ask that each parent consider a donation to the PTA to cover the $150+ per student budgeted for each child for the school year. Due to the pandemic impacting events and volunteer interest, this amount is only 50% of our typical individual student expense during a non-pandemic year.  This year, we are excited to still be able to fund Art Masters, Taste of Canyon View, Book Club, Jog-A-thon Fun, Field Trip support, and more!

>For 2021-22 School Year, this has been skipped



Jog-A-Thon - Spring Community Fundraiser

Because funds raised during Pledge Drive are NOT enough to cover the planned PTA budget for the year, the 2nd opportunity to donate is for Jog-A-Thon in March.  This fundraiser is a fun and social type of fundraiser with prizes and a healthy morning of exercise, motivation, and community support!  Because no other fundraiser is planned for this year, our suggested goal for each student is just $200+.  Again, due to the pandemic, this is a lower per student goal than years past.  

>see Jog-A-Thon is a GO!


Parents should check with their employers to see if they offer company-matching.  Many employers will match parent donations $1 for $1 or even $2 for every $1.  This is a great way to boost donations without costing you anything –other than a little time to contact your employer’s HR department and process the necessary forms.  



Silent Auction at Fall Festival

Here's your chance to help raise funds & win some amazing prizes like 1 of 2 reserved parking spots in front of the school, 6th grade VIP promotion tickets, Musical VIP tickets, principal for the day, special teacher-sponsored FUNtivities, one-of-a-kind student artwork, and best of all...Guests at uniquely hosted PARENT PARTIES like the Prime Rib Poker Night, Wine Tasting Party, Mani's & Margaritas, 80's Flashback, and other parent social activities like Personal Chef Cooking, Learn to Sew, Japanese Flower Arranging, and more!  Parents are encouraged to come up with creative ways to bring parents together in a fun social activity everyone can enjoy.  These parties are all donated and funded by parents, not by PTA.  Funds generated do go directly to PTA.

>For 2021-22 School Year, this will not take place


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