General Waiver

Every Participating Student Must Have a Completed Waiver Recorded to Participate in Jog-A-Thon. You will be asked to register and/or update your family account information if you have not done so already.


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Please make sure to register and complete your family profile on our website in advance so your child can qualify for prizes!


"May the Force be with you"


Jenny Lin
Jog-A-Thon Chair

Canyon View PTA Treasurer





6th Grade + SPED 8:00 Volunteer Check-in
8:30-9:10 8:30-8:40 Warm Up
  8:40-9:00 Jog Time
  9:00-9:10 Cool Down
3rd Grade 8:30 Volunteer Check-in
9:00-9:40 9:00-9:10 Warm Up
  9:10-9:30 Jog Time
  9:30-9:40 Cool Down
5th Grade 9:00 Volunteer Check-in
9:30-10:10 9:30-9:40 Warm Up
  9:40-10:00 Jog Time
  10:00-10:10 Cool Down
2nd Grade 9:40 Volunteer Check-in
10:10-10:50 10:10-10:20 Warm Up
  10:20-10:40 Jog Time
  10:40-10:50 Cool Down
TK/Kinder 10:10 Volunteer Check-in
10:40-11:15 10:40-10:50 Warm Up
  10:50-11:05 Jog Time
  11:05-11:15 Cool Down
1st Grade 10:30 Volunteer Check-in
11:00-11:40 11:00-11:10 Warm Up
  11:10-11:30 Jog Time
  11:30-11:40 Cool Down
4th Grade 11:00 Volunteer Check-in
11:30-12:10 11:30-11:40 Warm Up
  11:40-12:00 Jog Time
  12:00-12:10 Cool Down




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