We are excited to announce the Reflections contest winners for the year 2020-21.

First places had moved on to Irvine Council for further judging. Which also they have sent the results:


Irvine Council winners:

First place - Dance Choreography :  Seoha Baek ,  6th grade

Congratulations, you are advancing to Fourth Districit to continue representing Canyon View.


Second place - Music Composition:  Jonathan Miller , 3rd grade


Canyon View participants, we are so proud of you sending us your art works, all of them where amazing, keep expressing yourself through art.  Don’t miss the VIRTUAL EXHIBITION:  https://youtu.be/mDed7jIR9GY


Shortly we will be delivering the certificates and a participant gift to all and medals to first places.


Canyon View winners:


Visual Arts


Primary (Pre K - 3rd grade)


1st.   Lauren Kang

2nd.  Gabriella Escobar

3rd.   Don (Yu-Dong) Hsu

Honorable mention.   Arohi Das


Intermediate (4th - 5th grade)


1st.  Miya Lin

2nd. Connor Khosla

3rd.  Cici Yunhan Xu

Honorable mention. Chase Mayhew

Honorable mention. Jennie Jeon

Honorable mention. Erin Heck


Middle School (6th grade)


1st.   Isabel Chang

2nd.  Ethan (Yu-Cheng) Hsu



Music Composition


Intermediate (4th - 5th grade)


1st.    Jonathan Miller

2nd.   James Gu


Middle School (6th grade)


1st.     Andee  (Andelyn) Bushman

2nd.   Chris Tang






Intermediate (4th - 5th grade)


1st.    Milani Doshi

2nd.   Carolyn Won

3rd.    Caroline Chen


Middle School (6th grade)


Honorable mention.    Natalia Campos

Special guest.    Chloe Won





Middle School (6th grade)


1st.   Miles Leung




Dance Choreography


Middle School (6th grade)


1st.   Seoah Baek





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"Look Within" 2019-20





Calling All Canyon View Artists!


All entries submitted must be original works created for this contest and must relate to the 2020-2021


Reflections Program theme:

"I Matter Because…"


We encourage you to use what is important to you and what you see in the world around you for inspiration. Student works will be showcased in our art exposition show on social media.


Due Date (extended): October 12th, 2020



You can submit your entry by clicking the button here:

Online Student Entry Form




Art Areas 

  • Dance Choreography
  • Film Production
  • Literature
  • Music Composition
  • Photography
  • Visual Arts
  • Special Artist


Grade divisions 

  • Primary (preschool-grade 2)
  • Intermediate (grades 3-5)
  • Middle/Junior (grades 6-8)
  • Special Artist(all ages using the appropriate grade level)


For more information:

Detailed Art Category Descriptions 

Reflections Art Program General Rules (available in English - Spanish)



Tracy Qu  (English, Mandarin)

Lucy Cabada (English, Spanish)




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